Oklahoma State University Kappas are “pomping” with Panhellenic spirit!

Delta Sigma Chapter House

Hello Kappa Sisters!

Our team of Field Representatives and Chapter Consultants of 2009-2010 are ecstatic about the opportunity to share our thoughts and adventures with you! This is an opportunity for all members of the Fraternity, young and old, to learn about many of our chapters as we blog about our visits. We hope you’ll enjoy our entries and photos!

For my first stop, I visited the Delta Sigma Chapter at Oklahoma State University. The chapter’s energy, hospitality, and size reminded me of the chapter I’m most familiar with, Gamma Xi at UCLA, creating a comfortable environment for my week’s stay. Throughout my travels thus far I’ve learned that while each chapter of Kappa is unique, there are also many similarities.

An outstanding strength of the Delta Sigma Chapter is their Panhellenic and campus involvement. Every Panhellenic sorority and IFC Fraternity participates in multiple campus programs and events year round. Everything from a house deck competition for their Homecoming to multiple sing and dance competitions throughout the year!

President, Emily Weir and VPO, Ashley Dowell!
President, Leadership Consultant, and VPO

I got a glimpse of the OSU Homecoming as Delta Sigma began the construction of their house deck (large facades constructed and displayed on the lawn of each fraternity house) during my visit. These decks are decorated and constructed for many weeks leading up to Homecoming, using techniques such as “micro-pomping”, welding and even electrical engineering. This year’s theme for Homecoming and deck decor is “Branded for Life.”  Oklahoma State University is to have the largest Homecoming celebration in the nation, and this year is expected to be nothing less than spectacular!

I commend Delta Sigma Chapter for their dedication to campus and Panhellenic involvement and wish them the best of luck in their 2009-2010 academic year!  Thank you for a wonderful week!

Kylee Garton

Leadership Consultant 2009-2010

2 comments to Oklahoma State University Kappas are “pomping” with Panhellenic spirit!

  • Erin Hogue

    I know that the ladies of Delta Sigma loved your time there! Thank you!!
    Best of luck!
    Erin Hogue
    PDC Theta North

  • Jacey Kessen Kunka

    So excited to see that I can follow your Kappa travels this way, Kylee! Glad to see you’re enjoying your first visits. You’re going to have a great year! XOXX.

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