Share your Kappa story!

Tell us a moment in time when you felt proud to be a Kappa, had a great time being a Kappa or were fearful or uncomfortable hearing a Kappa story. Tell us about the Kappa moment you won’t ever forget. Tell us about the time you were amazed at what Kappas did to help others in need, or the time you wished Kappas had helped someone in need more than they did. We want to hear every Kappa story!

Email your story to Photos and videos can be submitted at and must include “Kappa Stories” in the title. Please be as detailed as possible, don’t forget to include all names and chapters. Photo submissions must be the property of the submitter, or verification that permission has been given to use the photo should be included. Submissions may be used in any Fraternity outlet.


Kappa Stories from Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity on Vimeo.

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  • Stephanie

    Even after graduation, I am thankful for Kappa. Sisterhood is more than just friendship. Last week I received a text from a woman from my pledge class at the exact time I needed it:

    “For some reason I had this strange feeling that I needed to send you a reminder that I love you, I’m proud of you, and you are an awesome woman… Don’t forget it! :) Hope you’re doing well!”

    When we say “Kappa is Forever,” we really mean it.

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